content marketing

Delivering Multi-Channel Customer Experiences

Join David Parker – Chief Marketing Technologist at IOI who’s discussing how Delivering Multi-Channel Customer Experiences will enable Brands to build relevant long-term connections with there customers. If you would like a copy of the presentation or transcript of the discussion, please contact me directly with your name and email details.

Wed., Feb 19, 2014
8am PST/11am EST/4pm GMT

Marketing will never be the same again. Technology, integrated channels, real-time analytics, and brand experiences now shape the conversations that companies have with their customers. The changes in the way we market have been so prolific in the last 3 years that marketing has changed more since 2010 than it did in the previous 6 decades. We’ll look at where marketing is headed and how technologies like DAM and CMS truly enable better brand communications, online and offline.

Key topics include omni-channel content marketing, adaptive strategies, and the role of inbound user generated content to drive contextual relationships and reinforce brand value. See how top brands in Retail, Sports Marketing, Media and Entertainment, and Finance are adapting and using multichannel marketing technologies to reach new prospects and win markets.

Also in attendance, Mike Watson, IOI Sales Manager, UK, Rich Carrol, Technical Solutions Sales and Jill Talvensaari, VP Marketing, for an open discussion.

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