David Parker

2014 Business Technology trends and comments

Here’s some of my thoughts on some business technology trends that may hit us for 2014.

  1. Cable Networks revenue will suffer further revenue declines due to increased Internet driven content through smart TV’s and external boxes. In the USA more sports authorities will start driving other revenue channels away from the large Cable networks and content providers like Netflix and Hulu will become stronger, offering better value and choice.
  2. The Mobile platforms will continue to grow while “flexible” screens will become to blur the lines between “smartphones and tablets”, building true 3D user experiences. Consumer’s will see more device consolidation, flexible folding screens will make smartphones become mid-range tablets, with better interface design and ease of use features, challenging the multiple-product positioning of the likes of HTC, Samsung, Apple and others.
  3. Microsoft will be feared once again as it emerges with a new “Social Operating System (SOS)” using Yammer at the core incorporating Lync, Skype and Office365, Microsoft will realize that they have a real winner on their hands in the corporate environment and combined with the emerging Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud capabilities from the company, they will become dominant again in the new Enterprise.
  4. SAP will worry as to why it couldn’t succeed with it’s ByDesign “SaaS” based ERP platform. While all the big players are moving to “Application as a Service” platform architectures delivering for the agile businesses of the future with lower cost and control of ownership. SAP will be stuck in the old world of expensive, slow and hard to implement ERP platforms.
  5. Consumer analytics will automate “context related content” for marketeers, orchestrating creative consumer interactions. Analytics will start to drive smarter consumer content, using Geospatial data, CRM data, known and unknown consumer actions, systems intelligence will return to overtake the “worry” of big data to drive real communications through new CMS/CXM engines as never before.
  6. Google “Glass” will raise more “concerns than benefits”, as Google continue to invade people’s personal freedoms, creating consumer and government debate on “privacy”, as the technology is used to capture events that we don’t want to see!

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