Why 3.14 ideas are more than enough to drive business success.

If you look at LinkedIn nowdays, there are constant references to “5 ways to improve your sales success” or “10 things to avoid in your first meeting.”

Excuse me, but I am getting a little bored of these exaggerated explanations of common things we do every day. To be honest the more we learn the more complex we appear to make our lives, probably to justify our investment and time on that learning cycle of life.

When I get sales people or executives coming in with these great plans, my first thoughts are – have they actually thought through clearly what they are trying to achieve. You see most things have already been done or they just become repackaged because some variable has changed that alters the dynamic or relevance of the original idea. To be honest, life is like a circle, “what comes around goes around.” So before we commit to many items on our check list, think what you really need to do to make things happen in your business.

π is a great definer, a constant irrational mathematical equation with no solution, yet simply defined by 3.14 or  π! Now I am no mathematician but I can understand this concept because it’s easily summarized as 3.14, because that’s all I need to know to use the equation.

π also defines the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and by defining this 3.14 becomes the circle of life, having no end, a little like business, we constantly go round in circles, ever expanding the demands until we no longer understand what the initial objectives were because we forget the constant equation that defines our goals.

So, if you are a CEO or a senior operator of the company, if your ideas cannot be explained or presented clearly within 3.14 cycles or elements, I suggest that your 3.15th idea is a repeat of something you have already done.

So smart leaders know that “simplicity” is the killer of complexity, the driver of clarity, the realization of achievable goals and in the end the factor of success.

Look no further than the Warren Buffet’s of this world, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, they defined their legacy, by the simplicity of their ideas, knowing that complexity just takes you around the same circle as before, wasting time, effort and ultimately killing success.

I only have 3.14 ideas any more and I end the meeting.

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