Making the “Social Enterprise” a successful business strategy ?

I have seen, used and implemented plenty of business technology solutions in my time, but I was not ready for the transformation that a well engineered “social business engagement” platform can do for today’s business. I use transformation with the greatest respect to a term I loathe as it often promises much but never delivers, this case was different.

So a CEO asks “why is the social network so powerful, what does it do for us?”, well, in a myriad of software technologies and interactive user devices; social platforms enable agility, accessibility and communication, often assisting in providing simplified “collaboration” streams from complex BPM, ERP or HR systems, that in the past delivered content and actions through poorly performing user interfaces.

Secondly the CEO/COO/CFO, business and board leaders are the advocates and ambassador for success. Leadership is gained through followers, think about it all the great leaders, they were good story-tellers who engaged with their audiences and left something to be remembered by. So here is the perfect platform that enables you (in your office) to do the same. Social tools enable conversations around ideas, insights, performance, tactics, you name it it enables it, not just in your office but across and through your business and even into your clients. Your leadership engages, communicates, flattens and removes political, geographical and business barriers instantly. Generates ideas, crowd-sourcing and ultimately the users of social networks become empowered.

A secret of mine for successfully deploying yammer into a 15,000 person business, with little or no resources was based on one thing and one thing only.” Mentoring.”

Mentoring is not a natural element found in most businesses, it is long, means investment and consumes time, what it does do though; is mould the business needs and the technology together very easily. I mentored key executives in social dynamics, developed the business goals and strategies, used analytics to determine growth areas (we never focused on rescuing the dying) and worked with them on a daily basis to establish method trust and more importantly the definition of success. Everyone’s HPO’s should have some social engagement metric, embed the culture, you embed the loyalty that then the conversations. Remember this statement holds no reference to technology yet!

So at the end if you are a CEO/business leader, look at your business now, then look at it through your “facebook” account, see how different your worlds are, you can have this same universal view of your business right-now if you are brave enough to engage with social enterprise networks.

Finally, I am not a tech geek, I am a business person, if you are the CFO reading this let me remind you of what actual returns you get.

1. Employee engagement, I’ll be blunt you will loose less staff, because the social enterprise replicates their life inside their daily work. This will save you $m’s of dollars in finding and keeping talent, mark my words.

2. People, Time and Money, business is not difficult it basically revolves around the afore mentioned, if one moves the others have to give. Socially enabled enterprise automates, drives efficiency and due process through all three. Your people work quicker as decisions get made, your time to market reduces as administration overhead is removed and finally money because you enable people to be effective again and do what they are paid for. Finally in terms of information, knowledge and big-data, it sits in your social tool, all your past conversations, ideas, insights, strategies whatever are on tap all the time, intellectual value is often wasted in business, but social keeps it alive and kicking, just waiting for the right moment.

Millions of operating $’s will be removed from your business, you will be able to scale quickly, have more agility, create quickly, build fast strategies, react to events and re-scale your business capabilities instantaneously. Then wait until you do this with your clients, the world takes off in terms of B2B communication and relationship management, as facebook and social media worlds drive your marketing and market awareness and brand engagement strategies.

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